SuitShare (Still in progress)

SuitShare is a digital platform, incorporating the experiences and involvement of numerous users, that puts circular economy and sustainability at its heart and utilises the latest technology. The branding simply combines formality with sustainability to create a warm and open experience for its users.

Formal wear like suits are often purchased for one-off or rare occasions and then put back in the wardrobe for extensive amounts of time, often thrown away with little use. SuitShare is a platform/marketplace hosted by Moss Bros London that simply connects people in need of a suit to users with one that is not in use. The idea behind this is to reduce the need for new purchases, therefore reducing fast-fashion as well as helping those in tight financial situations afford to dress smart.



The app uses IoT and advanced GPS to filter through and accurately calculate what suits fit you best based on your height, weight and location.

Advertising for SuitShare focuses on the journey that every one of the suits within its community go on. SuitShare encourages others to be apart of the success and celebration stories.

More to come...

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